Sustainable & Reliable Energy for Your Home

Sustainable & Reliable Energy for Your Home

Sustainable & Reliable Energy for Your HomeSustainable & Reliable Energy for Your Home

Join our many satisfied customers in making your home sustainable!

Planetary Defence Inc has more experience than anyone !

Long-Term Solar Benefits

Our standards 3 to 4 kilowatt solar array will provide 80 to 90% of the average homeowner's usage !

Your ROI will be three to four years and then 80 to 90% of your energy will be provided by the Sun

Solar Installers You Can Trust

We have been involved in the design and installation of solar and wind energy system in the Rocky Mountain West since 1979

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We not only talk the talk we walk the walk as we I have enjoyed our solar wind Electric System since 1979 we know solar and wind electricity better than anyone


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